One-stop solution for recycling your li-ion batteries.
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Buyback value for spent lithium-ion batteries. 

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Support and assist with EPR-Extended Producer Responsibility.

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Safe and reliable reverse logistics  Pan India

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Partner refurbishers for ultimate battery value chain recovery. 

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Single point of contact pan India. 

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Resource recovery from manufacturing waste. 

We collect all types of lithium-ion waste irrespective of their geometry, chemistry, or application.

Cylindrical Lithium-ion cell

Prismatic & pouch lithium cells 

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 Lithium-ion cell manufacturing waste 

laptop battery recycling

Electronic portable devices 

cell phone lithium-ion batteries, laptop lithium-ion batteries, and other e-devices. 

black smartphone battery recycling
energy storage battery recycling

Energy storage systems. 

Telecom batteries, grid storage batteries, and renewable energy storage batteries. 

telecom battery recycling.
lithium ion battery recycling

Electric vehicle  

2 wheeler batteries, 3 wheeler batteries, car batteries and bus batteries. 

electric car battery recycling
We ensure the producers their end-of-life Lithium-ion batteries are best used across the value chain and are responsibly urban mined in an environment-friendly process producing zero landfills.